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Hedonist Jive Book Review #1


Debut (and likely only) issue from 2015.

The Hedonist Jive Book Review is an new, irregularly-produced online fanzine on books and authors. It's a naval-gazing, often self-referential deep dive into literary obsessions, fascinations and favorites. Interviews, reviews, essays and many attempts to sell readers on what their next book ought to be.

#1 is a 28-page 'zine that features a fantastic interview with Jodi Angel, the short-story bard of rural California’s 17-year-old down-n-outers. We threw every question we had at her, and she gave back even harder.

There's also an overview of Rick Perlstein’s “America unraveling” trilogy, which tracks the rise of conservativism and American dissolution from 1960 through 1975.

We also present a rational, logical, completely convincing defense of the e-reader, and over 20 book reviews to boot.