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Dynamite Hemorrhage #8


*** NEW ISSUE ***

Dynamite Hemorrhage #8 is a 48-page, "digest-sized" music fanzine devoted to sub-underground rock music from the last six or so decades. It's an A5-sized issue with no advertisements. This "very special" issue is fully devoted to the Los Angeles punk magazine SLASH, which existed from 1977 to 1980 and could be said to be the greatest of its kind.

We've interviewed SLASH magazine founders Steve Samiof and Melanie Nissen, as well as multiple contributors to the magazine, including Allan MacDonell, David Allen and Chris D.

The issue also includes:

- A single-issue dissection of SLASH from August 1979 - our means of understanding just how phenomenal this magazine could be on a per-issue basis
- The day "The Decline of Western Civilization" filmed at SLASH
- Kickboy Face discovering, championing and helping to further hardcore punk - with a reprint of his amazing April 1980 Black Flag show review
- An interview with Peter Urban, remembering SLASH's San Francisco scene correspondent Caitlin Hines
- An interview with Ivar Muñoz-Rojas on his "Underground Babylonia" book, his deep dive into the punk-era life of Slash co-founder Philomena Winstanley
- Vivian Goldman on SLASH & Reggae
- Larry Hardy on discovering and buying SLASH magazine as a teen
- and more